How to Start A Successful Freelance Writing Career

The internet revolution has transformed freelance into a booming industry. There are hundreds of avenues freelancers can explore, and “freelance writing” is one of the most promising. The following case studies highlight freelance writer success stories:

case analysis

dr. Alice Jane Lippner, CEO of Info Briefings LLC, an information marketing and seminar company, is a physician and attorney by profession. But she never got the most satisfaction from her job, as her creativity was always hampered by a tight work and personal schedule, unless she started as a freelancer in 1989 for a pharmaceutical company. With ultimate freedom to work, she managed to expand her business into the lucrative field of information – Empire. She cites freelance writing as a reason behind her success, saying:

“My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Freelance writing is the perfect career to escape the ‘rat race’. I love it. I can’t believe how I survived until I find a balanced (healthy) solution have found?

But the question is how can we build a successful freelance writing career? In this chapter, we will discuss some tips and see how you can build a lucrative business empire developed by Dr. Alice Jane.

freelance writing

Freelance writing is a lucrative business opportunity these days. As online media become the main source of information exchange, more and more companies are going online. This ultimately increases the demand for content authors as any website developed for any purpose must contain some content. To cut costs and focus on their core business, many people outsource content writing, opening up opportunities for freelance writers.

The different types of freelance writing are creative writing, ebook writing, sales and marketing writing, newsletters and editorials, magazine writing, SEO writing, web blogging, and more, which we’ll discuss in later chapters.

How do you build a successful freelance writing career?

While there are plenty of opportunities for writers to break into the free market, it takes skill and the right strategy to be successful. Let’s discover some smarter ways to succeed at different stages of your freelance career.

1. Startup phase

* Evaluate your skills and interests: Before offering your services to the market, evaluate yourself. Freelancers are flexible and you can choose a job that suits your interests, education, skills and background.

* Preliminary Search: Actively search for available freelance jobs online and apply to several good freelance writing sites on the web.

* Introduce your services to potential clients: A well-designed “resume form” is the best resource for presenting yourself to potential clients. It’s a resume-style document that briefly describes your education, skills, experience, and interests.

2. Growth period

* Beware of the single client pitfall: Since freelancing is work-based and usually involves no contracts, it is critical to work for multiple clients rather than just one, but ethically you should avoid working for clients who provide services , may be close competitors to each other.

* Improve your writing skills: To keep your job, you need to constantly improve your writing skills. In later chapters, we will discuss in detail how to improve and maintain your writing skills.

* Accept criticism positively: Use customer criticism and comments as a guideline for future success and never be discouraged by rejection.

3. Maturity

*Be consistent: Consistency is critical for longevity. It is widely believed that freelancing is considered a source of secondary income and people take it very casually and get bored easily.

* Keep in touch with regular clients: Building relationships is considered the key to success as the market is flooded with a large number of freelance writers from all over the world.

Freelance writing is an open platform for anyone, anywhere in the world, but long-term perseverance isn’t for everyone. You have to see it as a passion that requires skill and hard work to be successful.

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