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If you’re a screenwriter, you’ll have access to a one-stop job bank for instant access and near-instant listing. Imagine having the opportunity to choose from over 1,000 jobs in the freelance writing world. how do you feel? You know for sure that many online freelancers don’t have this opportunity at their fingertips.
When I heard about this paid marketplace that I was about to reveal to you, I wondered why it took so long to find this rich database where freelance writers can mimic the little specific information about writing talent listed.

These are the talent categories or interests of freelancers listed for online writing jobs:

· Writing work
· Paperwork
· Magazine
· Write a blog
Writing assignments for websites
· Content writing
Article writing work
· Book writing work
Spiritual Writing Assignments
· Proofreading
Travel writing assignments
· Public relations work
· Journalism
research work
· Review
continue writing
Entertainment writing assignments and more

You are considering a turnkey gateway to the hidden treasures in the freelance writing market. Dumping advertisers for a piece of your talent. They are eager to hire you. This means that your frustration at not having a job will soon end with this information at your fingertips.

If you’re so serious about getting a writing job, all you need to do is rush to the site described in the other 101 paid freelance marketplaces.

Freelance Marketers – How Free Are You?

One of the benefits of freelancing is that you can be in control of your working hours. But do your marketers know how much time you can spare?

Obviously not! In a recent SG Group compensation and benefits survey, a whopping 83% of marketing freelancers responded and received no benefits. A significant number of people are also unaware that they are legally entitled to sick pay and holidays.

So let’s get right to the point. You can already receive statutory sick pay and from 1 October your rights as a self-employed person will continue to improve. You are entitled to 24 vacation days per year, which will be increased again in April (SG Group will keep you informed).

Since 60% of the surveyed marketing freelancers work the same number of hours as their regular counterparts, it might be time to take a break! It’s legally yours – you deserve it.

The survey also had some very positive results, including that over 70% of respondents felt their career had grown while freelancing. So while there are fewer tangible benefits, there are real long-term returns.

The research into freelance and temporary allowances and benefits was made by marketing recruitment agency The SG Group in partnership with It is done by more than 700 professionals working in marketing, media, advertising and design.



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