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There are many different people trying to advise freelancers. With the economy changing and the freelance market growing faster than ever, it’s hard to get noticed by clients in the crowd trying to do the same as you. Here are some tips to grab the attention of your clients as a freelancer.

Show your skills

If you want to grab the attention of your customers, you have to show your skills. Start with the most in-demand skills with which you have the most experience. Then work through the order of the list, marking the most important things first. You want potential clients to view your website, profile or portfolio and learn about your skills instantly.

Emphasize your uniqueness

With so many other people trying to do the same, you need to show your uniqueness right away. What hooks do you have to show potential clients that you should be hired over someone else who might have the same qualifications? What interesting or unique things have you brought into a business relationship?


It is important to be authentic and sincere in your techniques and efforts if you want to get the attention and attention of your valuable customers. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, exaggerate your experience or portfolio, or give “shows” to impress customers. If the person doesn’t want to work with you, the relationship won’t work anyway.

don’t spam

Many freelancers are so desperate to be noticed that they spam their names and services as much as possible. Placing links where you don’t need them or constantly posting the same links that are useless or irrelevant to people will get you noticed in a negative way. You will be ignored, or worse, flagged as a spammer. It damages your credibility and frankly people are just tired of spamming online.

Many writers struggle to balance their love of writing with a full-time job. In this case, it is not uncommon for a novel to last for years due to time constraints. However, getting a full-time career from writing fiction can be an impossible task. For most writers, progress and sales aren’t enough to sustain your career in the long run. One way to support yourself and still do what you love is to become a freelance writer. Here are some of the ways you can get started and the benefits associated with them.

Why Freelance?

First, freelance writing encompasses the entire writing world: from copywriting and marketing materials to ghostwriting fiction and eBooks. The range of genres, styles and themes is huge.

One of the things that you will quickly learn in the process of becoming a freelance writer is that you will expand your writing skills exponentially in a very short period of time. By tackling areas of writing you’ve never tried before, you’ll learn new principles, strategies, and techniques that will really improve your fiction writing skills. As you tackle academic writing, you will learn research skills and formal grammar/punctuation rules. You will also learn to hone your writing to stay on topic. Copywriting and developing marketing materials will teach you how to succinctly and precisely target your audiences and think like your readers. It will also help you learn how to write your own marketing materials.

The second and main reason for freelance writers is that there is a huge freelance writing market. Companies rarely have a budget or need to hire a full-time copywriter. They often turn to marketing companies to find their needs. Marketing companies, in turn, often turn to freelancers for most of their own needs. Again, this prevents them from having to maintain a full-time writer. Companies often turn to multiple freelance writers with different specialties. If you can land a strong business – be it a direct business, a marketing company or the like – you will find a very stable job and income base. Two or three of these types of clients can bring you a steady stream of freelance writing for a very good income.

to work

Starting out as a freelancer is always the hardest part. If, like me, you start out with excellent writing skills but have no past formal writing experience, it can be difficult to build a credible reputation. Here it is important to look at all your previous work and choose the ones that involve professional writing. For me, I am a paralegal who has been writing at a very technical and formal level for 12 years. I also spent two years as a high school newspaper editor and a year as a research assistant at a university, writing and editing professional journal articles for my professors. I have also gained extensive research experience through most of my previous work. While you should never lie about your abilities or experience, feel free to hype what’s out there.

Then you need a portfolio. You should focus on the type of writing you are bidding on. If you want to write marketing materials, create a set of promotional materials for a fake company to showcase your skills. Sometimes it’s good to learn additional skills, such as Photoshop, to guide your writing.

Now is the time to advertise and market yourself. The two biggest players in the freelance market are Elance and Guru. Guru recently lowered membership fees to better compete with Elance. Both sites offer freelancers the opportunity to create profiles and portfolios and to bid on posted vacancies. Keep in mind that you usually get orders based on the lowest bid. However, not all customers choose this route, so you should research bidders to see how they have made previous contract decisions.

Finally, I highly recommend that you become an EzineArticles author. Once you have become an expert in your chosen field of freelancing, it is important to get recognized. When someone picks one of your articles to post on their professional writing site, it’s a huge urge. This recognition is invaluable to freelancers.

It takes 18 to 24 months to develop a strong freelance career – if you are good at what you do. The harder you work to create solid material and market yourself, the faster you will succeed.

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